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Approach Odor Eliminator© is # 1 with ostomates because it's the only product that actually eliminates the nasty odors you face every day. Changing your pouch is challenging enough without the embarrassing smells that accompany it. Unfortunately, even odor control products recommended for ostomates don't get the job done! They just mask the bad odor with another scent.

Approach is different. That's why ostomates prefer it to all other odor control products. They just "spray until the odor goes away™"and the room is"odor neutral" until the next time they change their pouch.

Approach is also safe to use. It contains no harsh chemicals; so it's hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining. And there's no risk to try it because we'll refund your purchase if you're not satisfied. Try Approach. It really works, it's safe and it's guaranteed.








I have tried your product Approach and it works great... I have a colostomy and this product is the best odor control product I have ever tried. I just thought I would pass the idea to you -- it is really a wonderful product and I am sure many people with ostomys would love it as much as I do. The current products that are available to ostomates are either flower scented to cover up the odor or a horrible odor product to replace the horrible odor that it is covering up!!


Mrs. D.Z.
, South Milwaukee, WI

I have a Colostomy. My sister-in-law saw the Approach on QVC and ordered it for me. I found your website from the information on the bottle. My two bottles lasted almost 6 months. So I think that is pretty good! I cover my dirty Colostomy liner with toilet paper, put it in a sealable sandwich bag, and then spray the inside with Approach before closing it. I am able to leave that in my bathroom trash can without any odor problems. When my trash can is full, I close the trash can liner and dispose of it outside in the trash can.

I hope this is of help to you.

Ms. B.A., Alta Loma, CA

I'm ordering the standard 2-pack... that you [demonstrated] at the meeting of ostomates. I am recommending Approach to all my friends, as it also helps a lot in the kitchen.


Ms. P.T., New Canaan, CT

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