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A Vacation Surprise

When the chance to get away for a weekend presented itself on the spur of the moment, I jumped at the chance. Making arrangements for my absence was easy since my daughter lived with me and could pretty much fend for herself and take care of things. It also meant I wouldn’t have to put my dog Sophie in a kennel for three days. It was a perfect plan – or so I thought.

Arriving home on Sunday evening, I found that my teenage daughter had not walked my dog even once while I was away! My apartment and especially my beautiful carpets reeked from multiple "accidents". I was beside myself as I surveyed the damage.

I rushed out and bought a commercial carpet cleaner. It got the stains out, but the carpets still smelled. A friend at work told me about Approach Odor Eliminator. She gave me a bottle that she carried in her purse and that night I tried it. It was unbelievable! Every place I used it, the odor was completely gone! The next day I paid her for the bottle she had given me and bought another. My carpets are saved!


Mrs. J.D., Ridgefield, CT

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