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Finally, a way to remove tobacco smell
from your life!
  Now you can use the same effective odor control product in your home or vehicle that has been used in leading hospitals nationwide - Approach Odor Eliminator©. Approach is an amazing spray that actually eliminates the odors you encounter every day. Approach really works - in bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, smoking areas and pet areas, because it neutralizes odors rather than covers them up!

Cover-up sprays use harsh chemicals to temporarily overpower that bad smell. Unfortunately, they can also overpower you! That’s why you hold your breath when you spray them, and why they advise you to test them first. And, since they don’t eliminate odor, once they wear off, you have to spray again! With Approach, just “spray until the odor goes away” and it’s gone for good!

Approach Odor Eliminator© has been proven in laboratory tests and in top US and European hospitals to be completely safe to use. It’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining, fragrance free and environmentally friendly, so it won’t hurt you, your pets, or any water-safe surface in your home.

Try Approach and you’ll never go back to harsh chemical cover-ups. We’re so sure you’ll like it, we’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t work as promised.

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Approach eliminates smoke and its odor