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Fastidious Smoker
  My wife is a fastidious homemaker who insists that our house be thoroughly and regularly scrubbed. Yet, her dedication to a pristine home creates a curious conflict because she is also a smoker. In the past, her solution would be to smoke outside. Whenever she wanted a cigarette, she would just go out onto our patio, leaving our home smoke free.

The obvious flaw in this plan is the weather, and this past winter really put her resolve to the test. Below zero temperatures and frequent snow storms made going outside to smoke virtually impossible. Then we found out about Approach Odor Eliminator. She tried it and it was amazing! She began by smoking in a small anti-room off our kitchen. After each cigarette, she would spray the Approach. When no one noticed the smell of smoke in that room, we realized that Approach was actually eliminating the smoke smell. Now, my wife has a cigarette anywhere in our house she wants to. Afterwards, she just sprays and no one can tell she smokes. Wow!

Best Regards,

Mr. T.H., Stamford, CT

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