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Don't let odor keep you from a more normal life!
  Approach Odor Eliminator© is # 1 with ostomates because it's the only product that actually eliminates the nasty odors you face every day. Changing your pouch is challenging enough without the embarrassing smells that accompany it. Unfortunately, even odor control products recommended for ostomates don't get the job done! They just mask the bad odor with another scent.

Approach is different. That's why ostomates prefer it to all other odor control products. They just "spray until the odor goes away™"and the room is"odor neutral" until the next time they change their pouch.

Approach is also safe to use. It contains no harsh chemicals; so it's hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining. And there's no risk to try it because we'll refund your purchase if you're not satisfied. Try Approach. It really works, it's safe and it's guaranteed.

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Approach is rated #1