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Taking Care of mom

Mom’s stroke left her with double vision in one eye and unable to walk without assistance. Fortunately, dad left her well off enough that she could have a nurse come in every day to help her rather than have to go into a nursing home. Despite her growing frailness, it was clear that she was happy with this scenario.

We could accept that mother wanted nothing more than to spend the remainder of her days in her own home. Harder to accept was the odor that resulted from her having to use an in-room potty chair and her incontinence. Visiting was difficult for her children and especially so for her grandchildren.

Fortunately, I found out about Approach before things got really bad. I gave a bottle to the nurse and thereafter, odor was never a problem anywhere in her house. Approach is amazing. It dignified a potentially embarrassing situation and left mom’s house the comfortable nest it had always been.


Mrs. N. G., Morristown, NJ

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