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How Approach Works

Approach uses a combination of chemistry and physics to seek out an odor source and chemically neutralize it. It is not a coverup spray that merely adds a nice smell to a bad one and asks you to live with the result. The fine mist created by the special Approach pump sprayer provides an even coverage over the entire area being sprayed. When the spray’s micro-droplets interact with the odor source, it is chemically neutralized. The odor is gone until a new source occurs.

With aggressive odors that emanate from sources that can’t be permanently removed, such as gangrene or cancers, using Approach will restrict the odor to the immediate area of the source, rather than permit it to overpower an entire room and beyond.

Since the intensity and amount of a given odor source can vary, it is hard to tell exactly how many pumps of the sprayer you will need to use. However, as a general rule, you should

"Spray until the odor goes away™".

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