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A new Approach to odor control

The trend among hospitals toward an odor-neutral environment and safer, “more-green” products has placed additional pressure on hospitals to find products that really work and can get the job done safely.

Unwanted odor is a powerful factor that influences patient and visitor satisfaction, staff morale and regulators’ impressions. Approach instantly eliminates odor from the air, intact skin, bandages and water-safe surfaces - even those that have already been cleaned, but which still have a lingering odor. And, when an odor can’t be cleaned - such as with cancer lesions and gangrene, Approach is the only way to keep public and patient areas ‘approachable’. You just “Spray until the odor goes away”™!

Approach has been preferred in top US and European hospitals for more than a decade and has been shown in laboratory tests to be completely safe to use. It’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining, so it won’t hurt humans or water-safe surfaces.

Approach is the only odor control product that is backed by a Wound Odor Study conducted by medical professionals in a real hospital environment.

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Eliminates odors in
high traffic areas and
when cleaning won't
address the problem