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A new Approach to odor control

Approach Odor Eliminator is a highly effective odor control product that permanently eliminates any odor. It's been used in leading hospitals nationwide for more than a decade.

Approach helps healthcare professionals provide their patients, staff and visitors with an increased level of personal comfort and dignity by controlling odors created by perspiration, secretions or illness. Moreover, odors that require control in a hospital/clinic setting often become a problem in the home as well, as patients are forced to deal with them after they have been discharged. Approach makes it possible to eliminate these odors on the spot, the moment they happen.

Approach is a unique odor control product that is comprised of a complex system of natural multiple enzymes from five different classes. These enzymes biodegrade the causes of organic odors at their source, catalyzing them into simpler non-odorous forms. Approach’s natural enzyme system is unparalleled for organic odor control. Odors vanish when Approach comes into physical contact with the odor’s source.

Approach is subjected to a rigid quality control program. It is formulated for:

• stability
• pH balance
• enzyme activity
• microbial control

When using Approach, first spray it directly on the source of the organically caused odor such as feces, urine, emesis and other excretions. It will not irritate the skin because it's hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining, fragrance free and environmentally friendly. Remove the odor causing substance and spray again to be sure no residual odor remains. Approach will not leave a stain of its own on water-safe fabrics.

"Just spray until the odor goes away!™"

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