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When odor is a marketing issue
Approach is an absolute necessity!


When unwanted odor is not just an undesireable or unexpected situation but a marketing issue, Approach is an absolute necessity. Not only does Approach eliminate even the most powerful odors, it is safe to use around guests, furniture, flowers and other items in your public areas. And when discretion is an important aspect of odor control, Approach's pocket size 4-oz. spray bottle makes spot treatments unobtrusive and easy.

Approach has been proven in laboratory tests and in top US and European hospitals to be completely safe to use. It’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining, so it won’t hurt humans, plants or any water-safe surfaces.

Approach is not a cover-up spray. Cover-up sprays don’t eliminate odors, they just “average” two smells – a bad one and a pleasant one. And once they wear off, you have to spray again! Approach actually eliminates virtually any odor, using a combination of chemistry and physics to seek out an odor source and chemically neutralize it. When Approach's fine mist micro-droplets fully cover an odorous area, the odor is completely gone until a new incident occurs. With Approach, you just “spray until the odor goes away™”!

When you can't control the problem, you can control the solution!

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